5 Fitness Myths Debunked!

Myths, Myths, Myths everywhere. There are so many that can’t cover them in one post. Well we could, but it would be a LONG post. Below are our top 5.

Lifting weights makes women “bulky”

Ladies, trust us, it's not true. When you say "bulky", you're imagining big, muscular, bodybuilder-like women. Gaining muscle is very difficult and it takes time. Ask any guy that wants to get big. Eating huge amounts of food and lifting heavy weights still doesn’t guarantee you’ll get bulky. Not to mention you need plenty of testosterone. Most of you aren’t doing either of these. When your muscles get a "bulky" feel, it’s usually because you started exercising after a long time off. That's a normal “pump” and has nothing to do with getting bulky.

Light weights are good for “toning”

By "Toned" you mean a beach-ready body. Right? There are two key parts of a beach body: (1) low body fat and (2) some muscles. How do you get that? Not by starving yourself and doing endless cardio. That makes you skinny. The answer is a following a healthy diet (with a small calorie deficit) and lifting weights. Lifting weights means working out with weights that challenge you. For example, doing 100 body squats will definitely get you tired and sweaty, but it won't give you toned legs. Heavy squats and less repetitions will develop your leg muscles. Leg muscles equal toned legs.

Cardio is better than weight training for fat loss

This myth needs to die so let’s put it to rest. How do you maximize long-term fat loss? Improve your metabolism. A faster metabolism burns more calories. What is a key factor affecting your metabolism? Your muscles. Muscles burn more calories than fat. This is why people with more muscles can eat more food and not gain weight. You can burn plenty of calories by running, cycling, and doing aerobic classes, but that ends with the session. A better alternative is to build muscle AND lose fat by lifting weights and adding cardio.

Ab exercises are the best way to get a six-pack

Nope. Ab exercises make your abs bigger and stronger, but they still won’t show if they’re covered in fat. Lose the fat and your abs appear! Think about why skinny people always have abs even if they never workout? Low body fat the is answer. High-intensity workouts combined with a consistent calorie deficit is the way to go. If you think ab exercises can target stomach fat, check out this blog post.

You must drink protein shakes if you workout.

This is what protein supplement brands want you to think. Yes, if you workout hard then you should eat more protein. It helps with muscle recovery and soreness. Your first choice is ALWAYS natural, whole foods . Protein supplements are exactly that, supplements. They supplement your diet not replace it. If you're always on the move and can’t find time to sit and eat, then you can think about protein powders/bars.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s time for you to start transforming your body! We're always here to help and guide you on your journey. Jumpstart your progress by booking a FREE Fitness Consultation with us.

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