Ditching the “All or Nothing” Mentality – Fitness as a Lifestyle

The health and fitness industry is filled with “quick fixes” and 30-day challenges. It’s also filled with ripped bodies sharing how they work out five days a week for two hours a day. So, as you scroll through Instagram on your couch, you’re feeling like you either need to go hard or stay home. Both approaches can easily become unhealthy.

As passionate proponents of fitness as a lifestyle, we’re sharing more about how you can ditch the “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to fitness.

What is the “all or nothing” mentality?

We’ve all been guilty of adopting an “all or nothing” mentality in one way or another. It’s the idea that we either do something to the absolute extreme or we don’t do it at all. It’s the cousin of perfectionism and it never works.

When we’re operating in an “all or nothing” mindset, we’re expecting too much of ourselves. We won’t always feel motivated. We won’t always choose healthy snacks. We won’t always have lots of energy. In fact, we should actually expect ourselves to fail more than we might succeed in any endeavor.

And this shouldn’t be a sign that we’re failures as a whole and don’t deserve to be rewarded for our hard work. It should be a sign that we’re free to make mistakes and that no one is too good to fall off the horse and start over. But, all too often we’re so afraid of not being perfect, that we don’t try at all.

Nothing Happens When You Don’t Try

The biggest failure of all is not trying. You might fall down a hundred times but as long as you keep picking yourself up, you’re making progress. It’s the consistency that matters most.

Some days, just showing up at the gym is something to be proud of. Resisting a second bowl of ice cream was hard but you did it. Good work! When you have absolutely no energy, maybe it’s time for a rest day or some stretching instead of a kickboxing session.

There’s always something you can do to move toward your goals. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t even have to be close to perfect. It just has to get done. You just have to try.

The is No “End Goal”

When we are working toward something we want, it’s easy to fall into the trap of expecting an end result. It happens with fitness, careers, and even happiness. We have this idea that eventually, we’ll be fit. Eventually, we’ll have our dream job. Eventually, we’ll be happy. But that’s not how life works.

Instead, we should be focusing on smaller wins and creating a lifestyle that keeps us healthy overall. It’s unrealistic to work out six days a week for years and years, but sticking to the goal of moving your body every day is an important step to a maintainable active lifestyle.

Pushing yourself to the limits all the time will inevitably lead to burnout. It’s not a matter of if, but when. And when you’re burnt out, you’ll be completely derailed. If avoiding burnout means taking the weekend off from your fitness routine and starting things back up on Monday, do that.

And don’t beat yourself up about it in the meantime. Remember, you’re human!

Go in With No Expectations

As with anything in life, we should approach our fitness goals with no expectations. Don’t expect things to happen overnight but at the same time, don’t expect yourself to fail. Social media and pop culture lead us to believe in the myth of “overnight success” but it’s important to resist making those assumptions.

Fitness takes a lifetime of work and it never stops. If you’re expecting a quick fix or an end date to your gym membership, think again. Take your fitness journey day by day, push yourself but be kind to yourself, and after a while, you’ll realize that staying active and healthy isn’t something you dread or are just doing for a while. It’s now your lifestyle.

And that’s the way it should be.

The best fitness trainers in Dubai will never pressure you to work out past your limits. We’re here to motivate, educate, and inspire you to embrace fitness for life! And that means having a realistic approach to working out and nutrition. So, go ahead and ditch that “all or nothing” mentality and let’s find balance with a true fitness lifestyle.

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