Everyday Things You Can Do to Increase Fat Loss

Losing fat and achieving your ideal body can seem like a never-ending struggle. And while, in the beginning, it might be necessary to make some big changes to your unhelpful habits, overall, losing fat is more about the little things you do every single day.

Many people skip these practical tips thinking they won’t make a difference but we’re here to share some everyday ways to increase fat loss. Here are some ideas.

First, Let’s Talk About NEAT 

No, we’re not referring to your dad’s favorite catchphrase. The NEAT we’re talking about stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. And to steal from your dad… it’s pretty neat!

NEAT is the energy that your body uses when it’s not sleeping or exercising. It’s the everyday things you do throughout the day. This includes doing chores around the house or carrying your small child through the mall. Your job can have a big effect on how much NEAT your body is getting.

Here, we’re going over some practical, everyday things you can do to increase fat loss and boosting your NEAT levels.

Small Changes You Can Make to Boost Fat Loss 

The truth is, jobs are moving further and further away from labor-intensive activities and more toward sitting at a desk all day. We’ve become more sedentary than generations before us.

Of course, etching out some time to go to the gym is an amazing way to feel better and get your health in check, but if you’re not getting the results you were hoping for, you should aim to increase your NEAT to burn more calories.

In addition to hiring a fitness trainer, Dubai residents can give the following tricks a try.

Take the Stairs 

Whether you work in an office building or your apartment is on the fifth floor, opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s a simple yet effective habit to learn. 

Walk to Lunch 

Instead of rushing through the drive-thru or eating while you work at your desk, walk to a close-by restaurant or go out to the park to eat a packed lunch. Not only will your body thank you for the mental break, but it’s also an easy way to boost fat loss with just the slightest extra effort.

And if you think you’re too busy to walk, studies have shown that walking actually boosts productivity and can encourage more creative ideas. When you walk, your mind becomes free to wander and you might actually come up with the idea that’s been stumping you for hours.

Go to Stores Instead of Shopping Online 

While Amazon and Instashop are convenient options, they away some serious strolling time which can improve your overall fat loss. You’d be surprised how many steps you fit in just by running your own errands instead of ordering everything to your doorstep.

Get a step tracker and set a daily goal. Start with 10,000 steps and gradually increase it.

Do the Chores Yourself 

Many people don’t mind hiring someone to do their housework for them. It makes sense when one has a busy schedule and they’d rather focus on spending time with their kids or working on a personal project after they get home from work.

But, the reality is, chores are great ways to burn calories using NEAT. And get your kids involved! Once a week is more than enough.

To be clear, NEAT is not be a replacement for actual workouts. That’s why finding the best personal trainers in Dubai is essential, too.

So, give them a try and prepared to be shocked at how much of a difference these every day switches can make.

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