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How does Amino App work?

You choose where you want to workout. It can be your building/community gym, a park, your office or even your home. If choose to workout in a gym, please ensure that external fitness trainers are permitted to enter. Also note that we do cover any entry fees for gyms/fitness centers.

Our trainers are available from 6am to 10pm seven days a week. At the moment, you can book up to one week in advance.

The earliest you can book a personal trainer is with 4 hours notice.

To make your first booking, follow these steps:

1. Download and register on the Amino App.

2. On the main screen, select the type of workout you wish to do.

3. Next, select your workout location (our fitness trainers will contact you before the workout to confirm the exact location).

4. Choose the date/time and your preferred personal trainer. If you don't have a preferred trainer, you can let us choose by clicking the 'Let us choose' button.

5. Confirm the workout details including your payment method (either Pay-As-You-Go or an Amino Plan) and finalize your booking.

Please allow push notifications so we can inform you when your booking is confirmed and send you workout reminders.

Absolutely! You can book any trainer you wish as long as they're available. If their profile doesn't appear on the list, try selecting a different time.

Alternatively, you can search for a specific trainer by selecting 'Find a Trainer' in the Main Menu.

We work with a large number of trainers and do our best to make sure there is always someone avialable. Occassionally during peak hours, there may not be someone aviallable. If that happens, please try selecting a different time.

Our team is constantly growing as we recruit amazing new trainers.

Unfortunately, we don't have the functionality to reschedule bookings at the moment. We are working to add this soon. If you only want to change the location after you booking is confirmed, please contact your trainer to see if they can meet you there. Note that trainers cover specific areas of Dubai and may not be able to come to the new location.

If you want to change the workout date, time or trainer then you need to cancel your workout from 'My Bookings' > 'Upcoming' and book a new workout.

Liked one of our trainers? That’s great! There are three ways you can rebook:

1. Immediately after completing your workout, your trainer will mark the workout as 'Complete' and you will receive a notification on your phone. By clicking the notification, you will be taken to a screen where you can rate your trainer and immediately rebook him/her.

2. Go to 'My Bookings' > 'Past' > find the workout with the trainer you want to rebook > click the 'Rebook' button. That will take you to the Bookings Summary screen where you only need to confirm the new date/time of your workout. All the other details will be identical to your previous booking.

3. You can find a trainer directly from the 'Find a Trainer' feature in the Main Menu. Select your prefered trainer and confirm all the workout details before confirming your booking.

Definitely! Workouts are always more fun with someone. We offer 2-on-1 workouts for all our workouts. Simply select the 'Train with a Friend' option on the Booking Summary screen before you confirm your booking.

Please note that the only payment method for 2-on-1 workouts is Pay-As-You-Go. We are working on introducing Amino Plans for 2-on-1 workouts.

Before your workout

All you need to bring is a towel and water. Our trainers will bring their own equipment and make use of what is available at the location.

Our trainers will call you before your session to confirm the location. You can inform them then of any health conditions/injuries. Also, please make sure you keep the 'Injuries & Health Conditions' section on your profile updated. Our trainers will always check your profile prior to meeting you.

When your workout request is confirmed by a trainer then:

1. Your workout will appear under the 'Upcoming' tab in your 'My Bookings' screen. The workout details will include the trainers name and telephone number.

2. If you booked your workout more than 12hrs in advance, you will receive two reminders on your phone: one 12hrs before your workout and another 2hrs before (please ensure you allow push notifications in the app). If your workout is within 12hrs, then you will receive one reminder 2hrs before.

3. On the day of your workout, our trainer will contact you to confirm the exact location.

Each workout lasts for 1 hour. However, the trainer may extend the workout at their discretion.


All of our trainers have a minimum of Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma or equivalent.

All our trainers go through a thorough screening process to ensure that they have the appriopriate qualifications and the right attitute. It is very important that all our trainers reflect the core values of Amino.

Payments & Pricing

At the moment we do not have the functionality to split payments in-app. You need to arrange for your friend to repay you their portion.

All payments are made via credit/debit card. We do not accept cash. We will ask for your card details once you select a payment method for your workout or when you purchase an Amino Plan from the 'Pricing' menu. You can also enter your card details under the 'Settings' menu.

Absolutely. Your card details are stored with our payments partner, Payfort. Payfort is certified to the latest PCI DSS standards. We do not store any of your card details. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

You can update your card details at any time from the 'Settings' menu.

Amino Monthly Plans

Amino Plans are our best value propositions. They are monthly subscription packages of 4 or 8 workouts. You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel or even pause your plan anytime directly from the Pricing Screen.

Our plans are also incredibly flexible; you can book any type of workout with any trainer. This way you can mix up your workouts to keep things exciting or keep training with your favorite trainer! And if you run out of credits, you can book additional workouts at the same rate as your plan by using the Pay-as-you-go option!

Our Amino Plans are the best value for your money. At the moment, we have two Amino Plans:

1. Amino-4: You get 4 workout credits that you can use over a month. Price: AED 1,300

2. Amino-8: You get 8 workout credits that you can use over a month. Price: AED 2,200

To subscribe to one of our Amino Plans, you can do so in two ways:

1. Go to the Main Menu and select 'Pricing'. Then choose the plan you want.

2. On the Bookings Summary screen before confirming your booking, select 'Payment Method' and choose the plan you want.

Yes! You can choose any workout with any trainer. This way you can try new workouts with different trainers to keep you on your toes!

That's a great problem to have! If you use up your credits, you simply book your next workout using the Pay-As-You-Go option. The rate will be the same as your plan.

Also, if you're on our Amino-4 plan, you can always upgrade to Amino-8 and save even more on your workouts. You can upgrade directly from the Pricing Screen.

Unfortunately, we cannot carry over any unused credits to the next month. Your credits are reset at the beginning of every billing cycle.

You can upgrade/downgrade or cancel your plan anytime by going to the Pricing Screen in the Main Menu. Please note that the change in your plan will only come into effect at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

Yes, your Amino Plan will renew automatically every month unless you cancel your plan. Payment is taken on the first day of your billing cycle.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

You can cancel any workout in the app by following these simple steps: Go to 'My Bookings' > choose the 'Upcoming' tab > find the booking you would like to cancel > click 'Cancel'.

Depending on how close to the workout you cancel, cancellation fees may apply (see 'Are there any cancellation fees?')

No cancellation fees apply if:

- You cancel your workout up to 12 hours before the start time.

- You sent a workout request but it hasn't been confirmed by the trainer.

Charges apply if:

- You cancel a confirmed workout less than 12 hour prior to the start time.

- The cancellation fee is the full price of your workout (if you booked using an Amino Plan, a credit will be deducted from your plan.)

Amino Plans cannot be exchanged or refunded. The only exception is if your trainer did not show up or arrived very late. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

No, we do not offer refunds for unused workout credits after a plan is cancelled. However, the credits remain avialable for you to use until the end of your billing cycle.

Referral Scheme & Promo Codes

Yes we do! It works as follows:

1. Your personal Referral Code is in the app's Main Menu under 'Get 25% Off'

2. You share the code with as many friends as you wish by clicking the share button.

3. Your friends then use your Promo Code when they book their first workout on Amino. Once they complete their workout, you get credit for the referral.

4. For every 3 successful referrals, you will receive a 25% discount Promo Code via email that you can use for a single Pay-As-You-Go workout.

Yes, the Promo Code you receive via email expires after 3 months.

You can enter any Promo Code on the booking summary screen before confirming your next booking. Please note that all Promo Codes only apply to Pay-As-You-Go workouts and only one Promo Code can be used per booking.

A Referral Code can only be used if you're a first time user of Amino. If you are a first time user and the error presists, please get in touch on:

Giving Feedback

We love feedback. The more we get from you the better we can make the app. As a first step, we ask you to rate your trainer immediately after your workout. For any other feedback/suggestions, please use the 'Support/contact' option in the Main Menu. Otherwise, you can email us directly on