How to Get Back On Track After A Vacation

Greece was amazing and you have a tan. You’re feeling refreshed – that is until you realize it’s time to get back to reality.

Here are 7 easy tips to get back on track with your weight loss goals after a vacation. They’ll make the transition from holiday to home that much easier.

Plan Ahead

If you’re reading this before you travel, great! Planning ahead can be the best way to avoid being overwhelmed upon your return.

Notify clients and coworkers that you’re going out of town and set an automatic email response informing others you’re away. Clean your house and do your laundry so that you’re not coming home to a mess. Make your to-do lists for the week of your return before you leave.

Planning ahead means you can come back to reality with as much headroom as possible.

Stay Hydrated

After a vacation, you’ll likely feel lethargic and groggy. You had a bit too much alcohol and a bit more sun exposure than normal. Plus, traveling itself often leaves one feeling completely dehydrated.

In the first few days upon your return, it’s important to drink a ton of water. It’ll help flush out any toxins and replenish your depleted system. You may even consider upping your electrolyte intake.

Eat Your Greens

Even though we should be eating plenty of leafy greens all the time, after a holiday away it’s time to kick it into high gear. That means including green veggies in most, if not all your meals upon arrival back home. It might seem like overkill, but your body will thank you for the consistency.

Eating green veggies has a ton of benefits including:

  • Packing your body with nutrients
  • Putting your body in an alkalized state
  • Fiber… enough said
  • Detoxifying properties
  • Supplying your body with plant-based protein

Some ideas for getting all those important leafy greens:

  • For breakfast, a green smoothie or smoothie bowl
  • For lunch, a hearty salad with all the goods
  • For dinner, a quinoa bowl with a bunch of spinach or kale


Getting back into your exercise routine will feel like a challenge on its own, especially if you didn’t exercise while you were away. The first workout back from vacation is always the hardest. You need to bite the bullet.

The best way to go about getting back on the horse after vacation is by choosing a workout you love. Or at least one you don’t hate.

Start with a yoga class if that’s your thing. Go rock climbing or do your favorite leg circuit that makes you feel like you’re killing it! You’re trying to trick your brain into thinking – this isn’t so bad. In truth, it’s never so bad. It’s just not usually as good as Spain…

Make Sleep a Priority

Chances are, you’re jetlagged, sleep-deprived, or some wretched combination of the two after a vacation. In general, the benefits of sleep are highly underrated. Prioritizing sleep is especially important after a vacation.

If you’re feeling chaotic, moody, or simply sad now that your vacation is in the past, perhaps you just need a nap. Ensure that you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep at night for the first week after a holiday away. Take naps when necessary. It’ll do wonders.

Limit Your Cheat Meals

If your routine includes a weekly cheat meal, it’s best to skip it when you’re getting back to normal after a vacation. That means no sweets, no alcohol, no cheeseburgers with large fries. Be honest – you ate your fair share of cheat meals while you were away.

It’ll be tough because sticking to a strict diet is often unattainable in the first place. At the very least, opt for your healthiest cheat meals possible. Have frozen yogurt instead of ice cream or snack on sweet granola instead of potato chips.

Go Easy on Yourself

It’s no surprise that you’re probably feeling low, if not downright depressed once you return to reality after a vacation. You’re coming down from an adrenaline high, so it’s ok to give yourself some grace in the process.

Embrace the fact that it’s normal to get the post-vacation blues. Accept it, feel it, and remember that it’s temporary. Fighting the feelings will make them take longer to subside. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling like your old self. So, go easy on yourself if things don’t immediately feel the same as they were. You’ll get there.

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